History of Poly Group

In 2008, Jack Haywood and Doug Hamilton, the co-founders of Poly Group, LLC and laminators for the printing trade through their company, Pro Laminators in Sellersburg, Indiana, were searching for antimicrobial solutions for the manufacture of printed and laminated products such as menu’s and other end-use items. This led them to silver-ion technology and their efforts helped bring the first antimicrobial thermo laminating film to the market.


In an effort to try to improve the film technology, Haywood and Hamilton sought the advice of Dr. Jeffrey Youngblood, an associate professor in the School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. This led them to the Purdue Research Park of Southeast Indiana in New Albany, Indiana and its high-tech business incubation program.

With the assistance of Paul Moses, the incubation program’s director and an entrepreneur himself, the expanded goal of addressing rampant public health problems created by the spread of dangerous organisms was established. With Purdue’s support and collaboration, further research on Dr. Youngblood’s innovation known as Hydrophilized Bactericidal Polymer Technology (HBP) was begun.

Poly Group, LLC was formed in 2010 and soon after secured the exclusive worldwide rights to HBP from Purdue. Proof of concept continued and by the end of 2011, the company was raising capital and a research laboratory was set up and headed by Craig Kalmer and Thomas Hopkins, PhD. Both had extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and production and both were former executives in other companies.

A patent for the technology, now known as Nouvex™, was secured in late 2012 and the company signed its first joint development agreement. In 2013, the research laboratory was expanded. A detailed testing strategy for obtaining the proper approvals from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also established in preparation for taking Nouvex to market.

The company continued to raise capital to finance the proper EPA-mandated efficacy and toxicology testing. The testing continued with outstanding results and by the summer of 2014, all research to file the proper EPA applications had been successfully completed.

Pending final EPA registration and approval, the company expects to go to market with Nouvex™, a groundbreaking and highly effective antimicrobial technology, in early 2017.