Our Technology

Nouvex™ is super effective. The additive can be easily integrated during the manufacturing process. Applications include the manufacturing of paper, plastics, paints, glass, coatings, and textiles.

Nouvex™ by Poly Group LLC is safe. Independent GLP tests for the US EPA prove that it does not induce resistance; is highly biocompatible; and, exhibits extremely limited toxicity. Using Nouvex™ can mean that hospital-acquired infections are a “never” event!

Think about today’s antimicrobial methods: ionic silver, Triclosan, Copper, etc. None of these are effective enough and there are some questions about safety. Poly Group’s Nouvex™ is positively charged and destroys pathogens on contact. It exhibits persistent activity and surface endurance. It’s large molecular structure lends to high biocompatibility with no chemical binding or linkage issues.

With tunable physical properties and multi-solution solubility, Nouvex™ is the ideal replacement antimicrobial additive.

Scientist with filter flasks