Nouvex Antimicrobial

Easily Integrated

into the manufacturing processes of paper, plastics, glass, coatings, and textiles


consumer products, building materials, healthcare products and more

Nouvex™ Antimicrobial

A Novel Approach to Improve Cleanliness

Nouvex™ antimicrobial technology is a new approach to antimicrobial science. The Poly Group team can help you deploy new antimicrobial solutions that use our Nouvex™ product. Nouvex™ is a clear choice that beats out legacy broad spectrum organic, inorganic and organometallic technologies.

Nouvex™ will be the global leader in antimicrobial protection surpassing legacy solutions. We can help you with the latest technologies to incorporate Nouvex™ into consumer, commercial, textiles, building materials, healthcare products and more.

Bacteria & viruses are a serious health challenge

Today’s antimicrobials have limited effectiveness, encourage bacterial resistance, often have high toxicity, and are costly to produce.